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Fir d'läscht gekuckt - Various
Creature2467 mol gekuckt ginnDrawn in Photoshop using tablet. It was supposed to be a tattoo.Juli 21, 2019 at 03:35 PM
Bat2361 mol gekuckt ginnThis is a traditional drawing, made with a pencil.Juli 21, 2019 at 03:35 PM
Black Panther4092 mol gekuckt ginnYet another tattoo, that is not going to be tattooed. Drawn in GIMP using my new A4 Titan tablet :)Juli 21, 2019 at 03:35 PM
Ghol3163 mol gekuckt ginnInspired by Myth The Fallen Lords game. Drawn in GIMP.Juli 11, 2019 at 11:14 PM

Canadian Nativity Scene


If you're wondering what the 3 wise men brought: maple syrup, hockey puck and Canadian dollars.

4 files, last one added on 24. Dezember 2017
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Brain-eating Chickadee


The Great Titmouse is known for it's murderous ways. American Chickadee isn't, but who knows, maybe it's just better at covering it's tracks?

1 files, last one added on 19. Januar 2017
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A rifter and an overgrown dragonfish run into each other in an oceanic rift area. Illustration to Peter Watts' novel Starfish.

1 files, last one added on 17. Januar 2017
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Angry Christmas


Angry Birds Christmas card. As usual, published long after the event it was prepared for.

1 files, last one added on 07. Januar 2013
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Golden Duck


Illustrations for 'Złota Kaczka' (Golden Duck), one of Warsaw's legends, according to Artur Oppman's version. Painted with a tablet in Black & White.

The illustrations were prepared for classes for children, who are supposed to arrange them in a chronological order after listening to the legend. But don't worry, I published them in a correct order already ;)

4 files, last one added on 20. November 2010
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Philip Marlowe in The Healthy Lifestyle


A short noir comic parody featuring detective Marlowe – a wisecracking, hard drinking, tough private eye adored by women. I was planning to make a full sized album and painted this to prepare, to find out if I can make it looking noir and how much time will it take. I like the result, but I also realized I won't find the time and courage necessary to do the whole thing. At least not until I retire ;)

The joke is very hermetic and I expect very few people being able to understand it completely, many may find it strange and/or not funny. Everyone can appreciate the pictures though :)

There is also an animation showing painting process for one of the frames. See it on youtube.

3 files, last one added on 30. Mäerz 2010
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The Vitruvian Dragonfly


This is a logo made for a kayak group called 'Dragonflies'. It's not my design and I don't exactly get the symbolism. My understanding doesn't go beyond a dragonfly holding a paddle :)

There is a slight chance it's going to be actually used.

4 files, last one added on 25. Abrëll 2008
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Disappointed Devil


After reading numerous tutorials and many failed attempts I've finally finished my first painting ever. I'm not particularly happy with the lighting and effects, but it's the first time computer doesn't calculate those for me :).

Also see an animation showing different painting stages - it's cooler than the final picture itself.

3 files, last one added on 30. Dezember 2007
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Some drawings

13 files, last one added on 31. Mäerz 2016
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Beholder, inspired by Doom's Cacodemon.

6 files, last one added on 14. Oktober 2006
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Alien head done in ZBrush

7 files, last one added on 29. August 2006
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An interstellar starship.

5 files, last one added on 12. September 2006
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Et ass keen Bild do fir ugewisen ze ginn
Am beschten bewäert - Various
MOVIE: Disappointed Devil6 stages, from draft to final image.55555
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Owl portrait55555
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The Great Horned CatSome people prefer cats, others like birds more. This is usually ok, except for couples living under one roof. Having both can be problematic (cats and people love birds for different reasons), having none is no fun. Fortunately, a balanced compromise exists. Introducing The Great Horned Cat (po polsku Puchot) - half cat, half owl, wholly awesome!55555
(1 Stëmmen)
Golden Duck legend #3Lutek gives a sack of gold to a beggar (who happens to be a decorated war hero), thus loosing his chance of becoming filthy rich.55555
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