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My name is Marek, right now I'm 34.7890205 years old. This web page is my unprofessional portfolio. That means I don't sell anything and am not looking for opportunities - just showing off ;) Everything you will find here is purly a hobby... at least for the time being.

My interests have been evolving over the years. At the time this site was launched (2006), it was mostly 3d modelling and animation. Most people visiting this site do so to download my T-800 Endoskeleton model. I also made some animations, the most important being The Dock. It took a lot of time and effort to complete, so I'm not planning to do more - it's a full time job, not a hobby :) If you are a terminator franchise fan, be sure to check the terminator fan art gallery, including the popular Getting Drunk photomanipulation.

I have graduated master degree from Warsaw University of Technology (computer science) in October 2007. For my master thesis I prepared a fractal generator application in Java (sources available), which can be used to create some nice looking fractal trees. Check out the fractal gallery. I published all apps I did at the Uni in the java section.

Lacking time for major CGI endeavours, I got back to more traditional art - drawings and paintings, often done on a tablet. I'm particulary fond of illustrations to the 'Golden Duck' legend. The most popular one is Terminator the Santa Clause.

At some point I added a photo gallery. It's dominated by - but not limited to - pictures of nature, from various places I've been to. Another relatively new thing are VFX clips (The Capilano Curse).

I hope you will find something of interest in here. Please send your feedback, suggestions, compliments (especially compliments) to

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